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De-Bug A House – DIY

If you have ever been shopping for a new house or apartment then you will know how important it is that the properties not have any insects that will cause any damage. Butterflies and bees are fine; they pollinate the flowers and add to the diversity of the place. Then what of the ants and spiders? What of the other insects and animals that also pester you?

Creepy Crawlies and Food

Cockroach control Narellan is central to keeping a clean home. These creatures have a nasty habit of nibbling anything and everything edible or that even smells remotely of food, to the extent that they will valiantly climb on toothbrushes to see if there are any food particles left among the bristles. If you want to solve the problem yourself then you need to start by storing food in air tight containers that can be closed properly. This way, the smell of food will not pervade the air and they won’t be attracted to it. Another thing that can be done is to have bug spray and spray it in their general direction every time one emerges.

Builders – Men or Insects?

Never ever leave a room untidy or unused for a long time. That is when certain small insects who love to build come to play. They love the corners where dust gathers. They will make structures in the underside of tables and chairs. Termite control Camden is expensive if you hire someone so go ahead and try to do it on your own. There are sprays and chemicals that you can buy in outdoor goods stores that will cause them to leave your house. Then it’s a matter of figuring out what you can keep and what to throw. The beauty of a professional service is that they will do the whole process for you and even clean up any mess made.

Rapacious Rodents

Rats are a terrible infestation to have in a house. Quite apart from carrying all kinds of diseases in their claws, fur and saliva, they also have long sharp teeth that can do a lot more damage than mere insects. They are also intelligent creatures so not every rat will be caught in a trap. You need to bait them with something pungent, like cheese or dried fish. Cages work if you leave them in the paths that these animals usually take. They will go into the cage and the door will close behind them. Then all you have to do is release it somewhere far away from your home. The crueller option is the trap, which has a spring loaded metal wire that catches the animal around its midriff. The alternative is to call a service and have them do your dirty work for you.

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